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What our Happy Parents Say

It only took us four months at Assential Therapies to reach our goals. We now have strategies to apply and Luke has more confidence to try new foods. He even started eating school lunches! Prior to Assential Therapies, if he wanted to try a school lunch, we had to send him with a backup lunch. It still isn’t easy, but it’s easier.



Laura, Parent

We came to Assential Therapies after our 4 month old daughter Millie, who was exclusively breastfed, was not taking a bottle and I was heading back to work. We had tried every trick in the book and bought every bottle on the market. Assential Therapies came highly recommended from a friend so our daughter was evaluated and Smita uncovered that Millie was experiencing severe bottle aversion. This required coordination with our pediatrician to understand the root cause which was ultimately diagnosed as reflux. After receiving medication, we worked with Smita for several weeks to build up the skill in order for Millie to take a bottle. After some discouraging setbacks, we had a breakthrough trying different techniques and Millie slowly started taking a bottle at our appointments, then at daycare, and finally from mom and dad. The level of care, coordination with our pediatrician, and overwhelming support we received from Smita was unmatched. She acted as a true advocate for Millie and we are forever grateful for her support during this incredibly stressful time. If you are have any feeding issues, I highly recommend Assential Therapies.


My daughter received early intervention speech therapy with Assential Therapies, and her improvement in just four months was remarkable. Our therapist, Miss Calli, was patient and encouraging, and Lottie looked forward to her visits each week. She also made sure to give us concrete skills to work on at home. My only regret is that we didn’t start sooner!


Jessica, Parent