May 2023

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month. Communication disorders, which include speech, language, and hearing difficulties, are among the most common disorders that school-aged children experience. As the 2023 school year comes to its end, we hope that parents can stay focused on ways to promote communication, literacy, and learning during the summer months. Incorporate the following practical tips to create a language-rich summer:

  1. Have a dedicated time for reading every day
  2. Encourage older children to be writing in a summer journal
  3. Limit screen time and enforce consistent tech-free times
  4. Prioritize outdoor activities so that children can continue playing and interacting with each other in social settings

Most children won’t need workbooks or formal educational programs over the summer, but they will benefit tremendously from participating in recreational activities that allow them to move, explore, and socialize with their peers.

Whether your kids are struggling with their own communication or not, we want to teach our children to be respectful and supportive of others in our community who may be struggling. Encourage your child to give friends proper time to express themselves. Focus on what they say instead of how they say it. Be sure your child never bullies someone because of how they communicate—and give him or her the confidence to speak up when they see someone else being mean or hurtful. We all need to feel that someone is on our side!

We wish you a happy Better Hearing and Speech Month—and an amazing summer of language-rich moments!