During the past few weeks Assential Therapies has taken several measures to protect our employees and patients, alike. Notice the plexi-glass barrier, which is brand-new and artistically made. We made sure that the wood trim for the barrier match the existing color on the door trims! (Not a bad job, eh?). Then, we had one of our employees make a custom-face shield, taking into account the Human Factors and Usability. The custom PPE allows therapists the ease of wearing the face-shields for hours, without feeling their face against the PPE. I am happy to share that Renata Tailoring in Glenview, IL made custom face-masks. They understood our needs as treating therapists and made sure that cloth is breathable fabric. It is an optimal trade-off between ability for a therapist to comfortably breath *and* protect our patients. These are only some of the measures for COVID-19 readiness. We are excited to received our employees and patients back.